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October 20, 2020

Design Visualization and Entertainment at AU 2020

AU speaker

Whether you’re creating a blockbuster movie, a groundbreaking game, or an immersive visualization for your latest building design, you need the right tools to help audiences experience what’s in your imagination. AU 2020 is the conference for entertainment and visualization professionals to build new skills, learn new trends, and get inspired by new possibilities. And this year, the AU experience comes to you as a global digital event November 17-20. There’s no cost to attend AU 2020, but registration is required, so register now.


Day One brings big inspiration and important announcements about your tools and your industry. It starts at 9 a.m., Pacific time, with the General Session, and continues with must-see content all day, including the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Keynote at 10 a.m. and the Media & Entertainment Keynote at 1 p.m. Learn how entertainment companies are improving production pipelines by connecting data and boosting collaboration. Discover new features and partnerships that will make your job easier and your output more captivating. And go behind the scenes with industry leaders like Laika to see how they get the job done.

Class highlights

Explore new ideas and ways of working all week with on-demand classes from industry experts and Autodesk product teams. Preview 750+ new AU 2020 classes now to get a head start. And check out the 350+ live class Q&As that will happen during the week to supplement class learning, along with live panels and roundtables. While you need to register for the conference, you don’t need to sign up for individual classes. Stay tuned for more information and a schedule of class Q&As.

Entertainment professionals might want to check out these AU 2020 classes:

  • Automated Resource Leveling and Scheduling at LAIKA | Michael Nowakowski
  • Combining Live Action into Your Grand CG World | JR Strickland
  • Animation Timing and Texture | Jason Martinsen
  • Modeling STAR WARS ~46才でサラリーマンから転職した日本人の挑戦~ | 昌隆 成田
  • Real-Time Rendering in Maya: Integrating Maya and Unreal Engine | Marcio Goncalves
  • Arnold + USD = Love | Frederic Servant

Design visualization professionals might want to check out these AU 2020 classes:

  • Delivering an Interactive Solution to Europe’s Largest Regeneration Project Using 3ds Max and Unity Technology | Nigel Hunt
  • Visualizing Lighting for Cultural Arts and Heritage Projects—Our Experience | Karam Bhamra
  • 365 Materials Challenge: A Case Study with Arnold for 3ds Max | Ciro Cardoso
  • How to Read Archiviz Clients’ Thoughts and Increase Their Lifetime Value | Dmitriy Pastushenko
  • Ancient Egyptian Tomb: CG Reconstruction and Visualization in 3ds Max | Andrey Plaksin
  • Shadow Study: Animating the Daylight System in 3ds Max 2021 | Renu Muthoo

Theater talks

Take a break from your class learning with 15-minutes doses of thought leadership in the AU 2020 Theater. Design visualization and entertainment professionals might be interested in these of the more than 40 talks that will be available:

  • Ernesto Pacheco shares his work leveraging immersive technologies for collaborative design.
  • Matt Scott talks about how to surface ideas and impact through inclusive storytelling.
  • Nicolas Fonta showcases what’s ahead with connected XR experiences in architecture.

Beyond the classroom

Continue learning, connecting, and expanding your professional network with live events and other on-demand content:

  • Don’t miss the Autodesk Showreel, always an audience favorite. We’ll be debuting a new one at AU 2020 featuring eye-popping clips from the biggest movies, games, and design firms.
  • Get a live introduction to Bifrost, a new visual programming environment for Maya that combines the flexibility of pre-built effects with full customization capabilities.
  • Check out a short video on the industry trends that will change your projects, your processes, and what’s possible in the years ahead.
  • Watch interviews spotlighting top professionals in entertainment and design visualization.
  • Join a panel discussion on collaboration in this age of remote work. Learn how to manage production in the cloud and find out how open standards can help.
  • Catch recorded panel discussions from our Vision Series on topics such as future-proofing your studio and succeeding as a freelancer.
  • Get 1-on-1 tech support for Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold, and the full Media & Entertainment Collection at the Answer Bar.

We’ll have details about scheduling and more as the event nears. For now, be sure to register in advance and stay tuned.