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September 29, 2020

The Design & Manufacturing Experience at AU 2020

Speaker on stage

AU 2020 is the global digital conference for designers, manufacturers, managers, and executives to discover a new possible and learn about the latest developments in the digital transformation of their industry. With expert-led classes, visionary mainstage presentations, and dynamic live sessions, AU 2020 gives you unique opportunities to explore trends, share perspectives, and advance practice. It's all happening November 17-20. There’s no cost to attend, but registration is required, so register now.

Check out what we have in store for you:


The first day of the conference is something you won’t want to miss. It kicks off with the General Session, where we’ll explore changes across industries and share how companies are using new technologies to coordinate workflows and customize products to suit shifting consumer needs and desires. In the Design & Manufacturing Keynote, we’ll learn how digital tools like generative design can create new possibilities for our products and less impact on our environment. From simulating fluid dynamics and toolpaths to building more reliable supply chains, it’s a chance to see how others in your industry are solving challenges and adapting to change.

Class highlights

Get a sneak peek of the 750+ new AU 2020 classes available on demand starting November 17. Led by industry professionals and Autodesk experts, these classes will be supported by more than 350 live Q&As starting November 18, along with live panels and roundtables. While you do need to register for the conference, you don’t need to sign up for individual classes. Stay tuned for more information and a schedule of class Q&As.

Here are just a few of the design and manufacturing classes available at AU 2020:

  • Creating a Drone Chassis Using Generative Design | Cengiz Kurtoglu
  • Fusion Lifecycle and Vault: The Synergy | Dimitri Van Nuland
  • Revit to Inventor: BIM Exchange for Custom Fabrication Hands-On Lab | Paul Munford
  • Seven Steps to Building the Ideal Lifecycle | Mike Thomas • Automation in Inventor with iLogic | Martin Winkler
  • 3D Printing PPE to Fight COVID-19: Four-Minute Face-Shield Solution | Elizabeth Bishop
  • Compelling 2D Sections, Details, and Auxiliary Views from AutoCAD 3D Models | J.C. Malitzke
  • Dual-Spindle Lathes: The Cheapest Form of Automation | John Saunders
  • Generative Design: Getting the Results | Robert Savage
  • Product Visualization Workflow from Inventor to 3ds Max to the Client | Steven Schain

Beyond the classroom

While learning is at the heart of the AU experience, there will be many other design and manufacturing activities and events happening beyond the classroom during this year’s global digital event. Check out a few highlights:

The Theater will feature short talks from thought leaders sharing projects and insights about the future of manufacturing. Here are just a few to look for:

  • Tom Markusic of Firefly Space Systems explains how advances in design and fabrication enable them to make space travel both reliable and affordable.
  • Tom Kurfess of Oak Ridge National Laboratory reveals how new digital threads can make distributed, agile manufacturing a reality for more companies.
  • Barent Roth presents an award-winning design for a mobile solar-powered recycling facility that can go wherever the waste is.

Get hands-on with generative design to create a custom laptop stand. Walk through the entire process, from design to manufacturing, and watch our fabrication machine cut out a finished design. You’ll then receive the design, delivered directly to your home. (Please note that participation is limited.)

Take a look at groundbreaking projects in manufacturing as we celebrate the winners of this year’s Autodesk Excellence Awards.

In The Factory, explore the full fabrication process and learn how to make a hand sanitizing device for an LED cell phone.

Join live meetups with peers and colleagues throughout the week. We’ll have meetups focused on Fusion 360, Inventor, Women in Manufacturing, and many more.

Check out on-demand content about the digital transformation of manufacturing and a virtual gallery of products.

All week long, you can head over to the Answer Bar for 1-on-1 technical support or to get answers to your questions related to Fusion 360, Inventor, and other Autodesk products.

AU 2020 will connect the global AU learning community as never before to share knowledge, insight, and perspective. All you need to do now is register and stay tuned for more details.