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November 10, 2021

Convergence: AU Learning for Digital Transformation

Raji Arasu and Charlene Li in conversation at AU 2021.
Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu (left) and Charlene Li of Altimeter (right) discuss convergence and digital transformation at AU 2021.

Digital transformation is hardly new. It’s been around for as long as we’ve had digital technology. Yet the nature of digital transformation changes over time, along with the technology itself.

In the 1980s, digital transformation often meant moving from a typewriter to a desktop computer and from the mailbox to the fax machine. For designers, it meant the first widespread adoption of CAD. In the 1990s, it meant adding Internet access and email to the mix, with BIM and other 3D modeling processes following a few years behind. The 2010s brought AI, the cloud, simulation, and other tools of what many call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Today, digital transformation means convergence—of processes, technologies, data, and entire industries. At AU 2021, Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu and Charlene Li, founder and senior fellow at Altimeter, explored how digital transformation and convergence are shaping the competitive landscape for design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing companies. Watch a recording of their conversation below.

And, as a new research report by Altimeter and Autodesk reveals, the type of convergence that your company is benefiting from depends on your company’s digital maturity level—the tools, systems, and culture that you have in place. Download a copy of the report.

“We wanted to understand what the patterns were between digital transformation, data, and convergence,” Li, who authored the study, said. “And what we found was that 65% of those surveyed experience ‘great’ or ‘moderate’ disruption due to digital transformation, but 71% expect more disruption in the next two years. And there was a correlation between their digital maturity level and the kind of convergence they were seeing.”

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You can learn more about digital transformation and the convergence of data, tools, and processes at Autodesk University anytime.