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October 2, 2018

Classes for Developers at AU 2018

Are you a developer looking to expand your skills? Do you want to learn more about using Autodesk software APIs to help your company or your customers become more efficient through design automation, data management, or improved collaboration? Are you building on the Forge platform to customize digital tools for your team or offer services and plugins to smooth industry workflows and enable new collaborations?

If so, you’ll find plenty of classes, meetups, and networking events at AU Las Vegas 2018 just for you, including a Monday preconference dedicated to Forge.

Forge DevCon Preconference
Forge DevCon is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to build their skills, expand their community, and tap into the growing ecosystem of Forge developers. The preconference happens November 12, the Monday before AU, and it’s the best way to learn how professionals like you are pushing the limits of the Forge platform and integrating the latest technologies using the cloud. Don’t miss the dedicated networking events to build your professional connections. Learn more and buy your Forge DevCon Pass now ($150).

AU Classes for Developers
You’ll find many more classes for coders at AU. Keep learning with either a Tuesday Conference Pass ($450) or a Full Conference Pass to AU ($1,750 when you purchase before October 15). Here are just a few of the classes that will help you get the most from your time at AU Las Vegas:

Orchestrating Complex Workflows with Forge Workflow Automation
Learn how to connect any set of software products and any type of data to create your own customized design-to-make workflow, whether you’re creating a building or a motorcycle.

Bringing Your Inventor Add-In into Forge Design Automation
Use Inventor add-ins? Learn step-by-step how to convert them into design automation using Forge.

Building a Design-to-Make 3D Printing Application
Learn how one company, MakerBot, used the Forge platform to turn their cloud data into a browser-based editing experience for customers.

Set Up a Simple Local Fusion Lifecycle Development Environment with VS Code (Part 1)
Streamline and automate tasks to speed up the development process in Fusion Lifecycle using the tools in Virtual Studio Code.

Extending Your Local Fusion Lifecycle Development Environment with VS Code (Part 2)
Take your development in Fusion Lifecycle further with new strategies and workflows, including source control in Virtual Studio Code.

Want to see more AU classes for developers, as well as relevant networking and mainstage events? Check out the Tailored Experience, All About Forge: Cloud-Based Software Development, focused on the possibilities of the Forge platform. For developers interested not only in Forge, but Fusion Lifecycle, AutoCAD, and other platforms, check out the AU Staff Picks for Software Developers and Designers Tailored Experience.

Learning Beyond the Classroom
For learning beyond the classroom at AU, check out the Expo, where you’ll find dozens of interactive exhibits that show what’s possible when data stays at the center of the design-to-make process—projects where application development has played a key role.

And drop by the Theater for 15-minute presentations from industry and thought leaders sharing their progress and their perspectives about how innovation can help you move ahead. Don’t miss Data at the Center: From Open Platforms to Cloud Collaboration, where you’ll hear from Sam Ramji, VP Cloud Platform at Autodesk, and other thought leaders on what the future holds.

Still don’t have your passes for AU and Forge DevCon? What are you waiting for? Register now.