News from AU
August 3, 2018

AU Speaker John Saunders Is Making Headlines

Our favorite CNC YouTuber, John Saunders of Saunders Machine Works, seems to be everywhere these days. He was recently featured in a New York Times story about the complex calculus small manufacturers face when they choose a location for their operations. It’s not always what you might expect: while real estate can be cheaper in rural areas, labor costs often aren’t, and access to infrastructure can hamper growth. And since 94% of all manufacturers in the United States are considered small, with 100 employees or less, it’s an issue that affects the entire industry.

John’s YouTube channel, NYC CNC, has more than 240,000 subscribers. He spoke at AU last year about how to use social media to build a manufacturing business like his. He also sat down with us to share his thoughts on learning, inspiring, making media, and building an online audience as part of our Explainers series. (He also shared his insights on the topic with Redshift last year). Take a look:


John will be back at AU this year, teaching a class about how you can improve both parts and profits with better CNC tooling and cutting strategies. If you’re interested, make sure you sign up for his class when registration opens August 8—that's just a few days away.