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January 11, 2019

AU London CFP Closes January 18—Submit Your Class Proposal

In June, thousands of industry professionals will gather at Tobacco Dock for AU London 2019. For 2 action-packed days, participants will share knowledge and insight and experience what it means to learn through community.

What will they learn? That’s where you come in.

The AU London Call for Proposals ends January 18. It’s time to get your ideas together, create your class proposal, and submit.

Did you pioneer or perfect a new process or workflow? Can you offer help for those new to your industry, or new to a certain technology? Did you overcome a professional challenge and come out looking like a superstar? Or did you fail spectacularly, and learn how to do it better next time? (These can be the best lessons.)

People are waiting for your wisdom. You don’t have to be a recognized “expert” to lead a class at AU—it’s about sharing the unique professional knowledge only you can share. And by doing so, you can raise your profile in your industry and build your reputation.

Maybe you’ve spoken at AU before. Or maybe you’ve had an idea on the back burner for a while. Either way, now is the time to submit your proposal for AU London 2019.

See you at Tobacco Dock!