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August 16, 2022

AU 2022 Highlights for Product Design & Manufacturing

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The manufacturing space is changing rapidly. The cloud, new kinds of automation, and new capabilities like simulation are transforming what’s possible—giving us new ways to design and fabricate products more efficiently and more sustainably. For manufacturing professionals, you need to not only stay up-to-speed with the changes, but get ahead of them to stay competitive. AU 2022 is the place to do that. Register now.

Whether you’re focused on improving product performance, exploring new digital tools and new ways to collaborate, or winning new business and increasing your market share, there are many ways to connect and grow at AU 2022. From large-scale keynotes to mid-size meetups to small-group discussion sessions, here’s what product design and manufacturing professionals have to look forward to:

General Sessions and industry keynotes

The conference kicks off with General Session Day 1, where Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnost will share how moving collaboration and data to the cloud can help create solutions to the disruptions we face today. And General Session Day 2 will feature business leaders across industries sharing how they’ve handled digital transformation—and navigated the journey to new skillsets, toolsets, and ultimately, to new mindsets. And don’t miss the Autodesk Excellence Awards ceremony on Tuesday at 5:30 PM for a chance to see some of the most innovative projects in architecture, engineering, infrastructure, manufacturing, and media.

Theater talks

Explore big ideas and inspirational projects with these provocative talks from thought leaders in manufacturing:

Learning sessions

We’ll have more than 450 classes at AU 2022 in New Orleans, including industry talks, technical instruction, and case studies. For product design and manufacturing professionals, there are more than 140 classes to choose from, including these highlights:


Beyond the classroom

In addition to all the great learning content, there will be alternative ways to connect with your community, like:

  • Meetups—A great way to make a personal connection, meetups for product design and manufacturing pros are taking place throughout the conference. Share tips and best practices, find out how your peers are handling disruption, and build your network through personal support. Check out Design and Manufacturing Community Meetup and CAD, PDM, and PLM Administrators Network Design and Manufacturing Meetup, or any of the other meetups for your industry in the session catalog.
  • Activities and receptions—AU is not just about work, play is important too. Don’t miss the Fusion 360 Design Slam Wednesday at 4:30 PM CDT, as students and professionals showcase their design skills in head-to-head competition. And from the Women at AU Reception to the Dynamo Community Celebration, there are plenty of other ways to connect while having fun.  
  • Industry zone—The Product Design and Manufacturing Zone in the Expo is the place to get hands-on with new technologies. From a 3D-printed smart bridge to a large-part assembly additive printer to a drag racing engine (and its digital twin), check out the tools and teams that are transforming manufacturing and get answers to your product and workflow questions.


This year AU 2022 will also feature special leadership workshops for decision makers. If you’re in a leadership role, be sure and explore these workshops that help you identify and solve problems—and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Lastly, keep an eye out for two Futures Briefings—one on Design & Manufacturing, the other on Collaboration & Lifecycle Management. They will be added to the catalogue in the days to come.

Excited yet? Register now and we’ll see you in September.