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October 19, 2022

AU 2022 Classes Are Now Available to Watch Online


Connecting. Collaborating. Transforming. Those were the big themes of AU 2022, which concluded September 29 in New Orleans. And in order to connect, collaborate, and transform effectively, we must continue to learn and grow.  

The conference is over, but the learning continues at Autodesk University. Over 400 learning sessions, along with keynotes and other featured content, are now live and ready to stream for free anytime.  

We tried something new for AU 2022. In addition to leading their session in New Orleans, most presenters recorded a digital version of their class specifically for on-demand viewing. It’s the same learning content but tailored to the digital experience. This ensures that you can explore better workflows, groundbreaking case studies, and new trends and approaches in every industry with the best possible audio and video. Roundtables and other sessions that were only possible on-site in New Orleans will not be available for streaming.  

You can download presentations and class handouts after you sign in. In the next few weeks, you'll also be able to connect with speakers, leave comments, and ask questions on the session pages. Bookmark your favorite sessions now so you can interact once those features go live.  

Whether you’re working on the next animated blockbuster in London, designing an earthquake-proof apartment complex in Brazil, creating cars in Detroit, or something else entirely, whenever you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, we’re here for you.  

Check out the AU 2022 learning sessions now.