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October 14, 2020

AU 2020 for Admins and BIM and CAD Managers

AU speaker

Depending on your industry and your firm, you may go by the name of CAD manager, BIM manager, admin, or technology specialist. Whatever the title, you know who you are. We do, too. You’re the unsung heroes who create standards and enforce them, keep subscriptions current, and make sure people have the right access and training.

Check out what we have in store for you at AU 2020, including lots of great learning content to build your skills, keep your team productive, and manage your responsibilities more easily. After all, if you don’t stay up on the latest features of your tools, who’s going to train the team? There’s no cost to attend AU 2020, but registration is required, so register now.


Get inspired and learn how your industry is changing on Day One of the conference. Things kick off with the General Session on November 17 at 9 a.m., Pacific time, followed by keynotes for Architecture, Engineering & Construction and Design & Manufacturing. Learn about the new features that will be released over the next few months and discover how industry leaders are using technology to get better results.

Class highlights

How can you streamline management for yourself and reduce rework for your team? Dig in and level up with on-demand class learning from industry professionals and Autodesk experts. Preview 750+ new AU 2020 classes available starting November 17. These will be supported by 350+ live Q&As starting November 18, along with live panels and roundtables. While you need to register for the conference, you don’t need to sign up for individual classes. Stay tuned for more information and a schedule of class Q&As.

Check out these and other classes for admins, BIM managers, and CAD managers at AU 2020:

  • New, Faster Install Experience to Speed Up Workflows | Danny Polkinhorn
  • Why I chose a Premium Plan for my Business | Briana Sanchez
  • Best Practices for the Transition to Named User | Noelle Ruiz
  • Four Steps to Transition to Named User | Priscilla Ning
  • The CAD Manager Wishlist—The 2020 Hindsight Edition | Frank Mayfield
  • Drawing from Experience: Four CAD Managers with Decades of Experience Tell All | Rick Ellis
  • Standards for Developing Standards: A How-to for Busy CAD Managers | Curt Moreno
  • Programming the Work Out of CAD Management | Chris Lindner
  • Life after the Image - Deployment Management | Darren Behner
  • 7 Steps to Building the Ideal Lifecycle | Mike Thomas
  • An Introduction to IT for the Design Professional | Curt Moreno
  • Blacks in VDC: Perspective of Diversity and Inclusion | Clifton Cole
  • Maximizing Your Inventor Templates | Robert Savage
  • Create Your First AutoCAD Plugin | Ben Rand

Theater talks

When you’re ready for a dose of inspiration and thought leadership, check out 15-minute Theater talks. We’ll have more than 40 to choose from, but here are a few we thought you might like:

  • Ernesto Pacheco of CannonDesign talks about how to use immersive technologies like VR for collaborative design.
  • Abel Maciel shares his knowledge about BIM smart legal contracts.
  • Patrik Johansson discusses why construction companies need to be data-driven.

Beyond the classroom

In addition to all the learning on offer at AU 2020, save time to connect with your community and explore the other events and activities scheduled throughout the week.

  • Don’t miss the BIM Manager Community Meetup, a special AU 2020 edition of the monthly BIM Manager Community Virtual Meetups you may already attend. Soak up tips and insights from BIM experts like Beth Evanoo, who will demonstrate how to set up family templates, and Michael Freiert, who will discuss best practices for sharing work remotely.
  • Are you familiar with the AU Expert Elite? They’re industry professionals who help build the AU learning community by sharing their product knowledge and best practices. We’ll have a number of community meetups featuring Expert Elite in English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese.
  • Get to know members of the Expert Elite better. We're hosting a meetup featuring interviews with three members about their work routines, self-training practices, and hobbies. Have questions? Join the Q&A with Autodesk, Industry Experts, and the Expert Elite Team.
  • Don’t miss the first Autodesk Construction Meetup: BIM Managers to get connected with professionals like yourself and solve common challenges together. This one will focus on remote work productivity.
  • Know a lot about AU? In the AU Games Meetup, you’ll have the chance to prove it by answering questions related to AU trivia.
  • Learn about industry-leading projects in the fields of architecture, manufacturing, and infrastructure in the Autodesk Excellence Awards Program.
  • Stop by the Answer Bar (virtually, of course) anytime during the week to get answers to your product and subscription questions, plus 1-on-1 technical support.

We’ll have more details about the global digital AU 2020 experience as we get closer to the conference. For now, be sure to register and stay tuned.