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September 13, 2019

5 Ways to Connect with Your Community at AU

AU community

Learning through community—that’s ultimately what AU is all about: professionals sharing expertise and insight, coming together to solve common challenges. At AU, everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher.

The AU community connects every day on the AU web experience, but there’s no replacing the experience of community when you’re at an AU conference, both the larger AU community and the smaller communities within specific industries—folks with similar job roles, industry experience, and interests. At AU Las Vegas 2019, we’ve created even more ways for you to find your people and build your network. Check out our top 5:

1. The Hub

The Hub

The Hub is like mission control for AU—it’s where you’ll pick up your badge when you arrive and it’s where you’ll come for large receptions and other events throughout the week. It's a top community destination, where you can start and continue conversations or relax and refresh with like minds anytime. There's a lot going on in the Hub, so make sure to stop by often.

2. Receptions and activities


All work and no play would make AU a dull event, so save some energy for the receptions, parties, and other activities. Don’t miss the evening receptions in the Expo for all attendees on Tuesday and Wednesday, and of course the blowout AU Block Party on Thursday night on the LINQ Promenade. Smaller receptions for specific communities will be held throughout the week, such as the Women at AU Reception on Tuesday, which will feature a screening from The Chasing Grace Project, an independent documentary film series about women in tech. And don’t forget about some of our other fun activities, like Guided Meditation and the Peace, Love, and Sustainability Design Slam.

3. Community Meetups


Small-group Community Meetups are a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded peers for facilitated conversations on specific topics. They’re filling up fast this year, so be sure to sign up soon. You can also show up at the session and take your chances—any unoccupied seats are given away first-come, first-served 5 minutes before the start of the meetup, just like a class.

4. Quads


The Quads in the Expo are another great way to connect with your community. Each Quad is dedicated to one of the following industries: 1) product design and manufacturing, 2) construction and fabrication, 3) infrastructure design, and 4) building design and engineering. Each will have its own set of events, including games, trivia, and fireside chats, as well as scheduled small group talks, not to mention a few Community Meetups, too. It’s a chance to meet peers, industry leaders, and product managers to talk through what you’re learning and what you’re seeing around the conference.

5. Idea Exchange and Answer Bar

Idea Exchange

When you’re part of the AU community, we consider you an honorary part of the Autodesk development team, too (congrats!). Make your thoughts heard at the Idea Exchange, where you can meet 1-on-1 with Autodesk designers and developers and give your input on new products and features. You can see all the available sessions on the Idea Exchange wall at AU. And if you’d rather get answers than give them, stop by the Answer Bar in the Expo for 1-on-1 tech support. No appointment is required in either place.

Make the connections that can help you move your career, your company, and your whole industry forward. Get your AU Las Vegas 2019 pass today and we’ll see you in Vegas.