Autodesk University Day 3-4: Can’t Miss Construction Highlights

autodesk university construction AU 2020 day 3-4

Next week, Autodesk University 2020 kicks off – November 17-20. This year, AU is all virtual with four full days of global events, learning opportunities, meetups, and more. 

To get the most out of your time at AU, we suggest planning in advance. But with so many events and sessions for construction professionals, it’s hard to choose where to begin. 

We got you covered. So far, we’ve shared highlights from Day 1 & 2. Today, we’ll share the top sessions and activities for construction professionals on Day 3-4. Before you check out our recommendations though, don’t forget to register in advance. 

Here are some of our top recommendations on what to do Day 3-4 (November 19-20) of AU 2020 for construction professionals. 

Live Meet Ups: Day 3 

Just because AU 2020 is all virtual, doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with like minded construction peers. Autodesk Construction Meetups are a new virtual series where you can attend bi-monthly meet-ups to connect with your peers! You will have the opportunity to solve and work through shared pains and have a group of go-to experts that you can lean on. 

Join us the week of Autodesk University 2020 for several live meet ups. We’ll be hosting two meetups specifically on Day 3 (November 19) of Autodesk University:

We are also hosting two more meet ups on November 18 (Day 2) -- one for  Preconstruction Managers and another for Field Operations Managers. 

Space is limited in all of our meet ups so register now to save your spot

Live Sessions and Q&As: Day 3-4

Live Q&As will kick off on day 2-4 of Autodesk University. You can now bookmark sessions and create your schedule! To see the full list of sessions by day, sort by date on our sessions page.

You can also access hundreds of on-demand sessions at any point throughout AU (and after) as long as you register. Check out our top on-demand recommendations in Day 1 highlights blog.  Are you located in another region like Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, or the Middle East? There are plenty of live sessions streaming at convenient times across your timezone. Take a look at our session list for times (and languages) you prefer. 

Day 3

The BIM 360 Surgery Live: 45 Tips in 45 Minutes

November 19, 6-7 AM PT, Live Q&A
As an extension to the popular BIM 360 Surgery YouTube series from Jonathan Hand comes the live session where you’ll learn 45 tips for working and configuring BIM 360 software. Discover some top-secret BIM 360 software features that will cut the tedium and boost your ability in using BIM 360. This class will cover all BIM 360 modules, from BIM 360 Docs software right through to BIM 360 Build software.

PlanGrid: Advanced Field Workflows

November 19, 10-11 AM PT, Live Q&A

PlanGrid has been taking the construction world by storm ever since its creation in the early 2010s. Thousands of projects throughout the world have utilized this product, and it is widely used by general contractors as well as subcontractors. This class will go through custom field workflows for PlanGrid, and will be centered around the PlanGrid mobile app. We will touch on several different field workflows that are being used in the construction industry today and how they can be performed all in PlanGrid’s mobile app. This course will go beyond the basics of PlanGrid and will enable learners to see how easy and intuitive PlanGrid is, even when performing advanced field workflows. 

Blacks and Minorities in AEC: Perspective of Diversity and Inclusion

November 19, 11-12 PM PT, Live Q&A

This session will be a panel from Black people and minorities in AEC-related roles discussing the impacts of diversity and inclusion on the construction industry. The questions will be focused on how the impacts of AEC have affected the industry globally, and how we can address these issues of skills shortages by retaining and supporting diverse groups. This class is aimed to bring awareness, establish dialogue, and engage a community of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) people in AEC.

A Checklist to Build Checklist Templates in BIM 360 Field Management
November 19, 12-1 PM PT, Live Q&A

Project quality control and safety are critical to a project's success. Having access to tools to easily standardize, input, and resolve quality control and safety issues can improve utilization of such tools on a project. This class will provide site admins with best practices for developing various types of checklists for field management in BIM 360 Build software. Learn tips and tricks for creating effective checklist templates for designers, project engineers, contractors, and commissioning agents.

Harnessing the Power of BIM and Assemble

November 19, 1-2 PM PT, Live Q&A

With project timelines and budgets always shrinking, it is imperative to use everything in your power to be successful. We all know data is the BIM (Building Information Modeling) experts’ superpower, but incomplete models and deadlines often get in the way of using data to create the insights we’d like. The combination of BIM and Assemble software provides greater insights into how to quantify, budget, track project progression, and more. In this session, you’ll learn how 3D models in Assemble and its data help builders improve their overall efficiency and coordination while successfully using the data for downstream activities to improve preconstruction and construction workflows.

Transition to BIM 360, Maximize the Benefits, and Implement Firm Wide

November 19, 1-2 PM PT, Live Q&A

Whether you’re part of a small company or a large firm with multiple offices, there’s a great deal of benefit in transitioning to the BIM 360 cloud-based platform to enable flexibility. This class will apply to multiple levels of expertise, discussing how to set up BIM 360 projects, assign appropriate levels of permissions, set up teams, and schedule automatic publishing. We’ll even touch on the less commonly used BIM 360 Model Coordination module and BIM 360 Field software. Diving a little deeper, we will also discuss creating BIM 360 templates, documenting workflows, and providing trainings for wide-scale implementation. We will use Allegiant Stadium in Nevada as an example of the benefits and challenges that result from placing the design team and construction team in the same BIM 360 hub.

How Technology and Insurance are Shaping Construction Risk Management

November 19, 2-3 PM PT, Live Q&A

A diverse panel of experts will participate in this discussion on how evolving technology and insurance products have shaped the construction risk management practice in recent years to become a more strategic function of a contractor’s business model. Topics discussed will include the following: advantages to different types of construction insurance products; best practices for subcontractor prequalification, risk mitigation planning, site safety, and project incident prioritization; how software and relative workflows act as the foundation of these best practices to ensure the success of your work, and the advantages of your insurance approach.

The Breadth and Depth of the Autodesk Ecosystem

November 19, 2-3 PM PT, Live Q&A

Autodesk has firmly committed to an open integration ecosystem to help construction firms collaborate and drive efficiency. As a result, technology partners offer over 150 direct integrations and Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect powers hundreds of possible custom integration workflows. Come listen to our key partners across industries such as mixed reality, reality capture, financials and budget planning, data and analytics, site and safety management, and more. We will discuss partnering with Autodesk, the breadth and depth of these integrations, and the workflows that can be achieved with our ecosystem.

Centralize Bid Management: How Subcontractors Can Ditch Spreadsheets

November 19, 3-4 PM PT, Live Q&A

Subcontractors have been stuck managing job opportunities and bids with manual processes and outdated digital systems, none of which are built for the modern construction professional. Time and resources are increasingly in short supply for subcontractors, and the inefficiencies resulting from decentralized bid-management processes continue to add risk to projects. In this session, you’ll learn how the BuildingConnected technology centralizes and streamlines the bid-management process. You can track bid invites, who’s working on what, bid analytics, and due dates across the entire office while quickly generating 2D takeoffs and bidding out work to vendors. By reducing manual entry and tracking business performance in real time, BuildingConnected empowers you to bid smarter and secure desired work faster.

Day 4

Industrialized Construction Panel—Why It's Not Just Modular

November 20, 5-6 AM PT, Live Q&A

Industrialized construction is here to stay; prefabricated elements in the built environment and the design-for-manufacture-and-assembly (DfMA) process that enables it are fast becoming the norm across all sectors. So why is it that most of the case studies and best practices we see relate to volumetric modular construction of housing and hospitality? What about the vast but largely unsung impact of advanced building products, single-trade assemblies, and multitrade assemblies that make up the majority of the market? This panel will invite leaders from across the prefabrication continuum to explore why it's not just about modular.

Break Down the Barriers Between Design and Construction with BIM 360

November 20, 7-8 AM PT, Live Q&A

This class will demonstrate a complete project collaboration workflow for structural steel, starting with Revit software and pulling it all together in BIM 360 software for reviews, issue management, coordination, and model sharing. We'll start by creating a detailed model with Revit, import it into Advance Steel software, and use dedicated tools in Advance Steel to create all deliverables for fabrication and erection on-site. We'll then publish, share, and review the detailed models and associated documentation via BIM 360 software.

Reimagining Construction: 3D Printing of Large-Scale Structures

November 20, 9-10 AM PT, Live Q&A

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything; yet materials currently being used are neither environmentally sustainable nor optimized for the 3D-printing process. Applied to large-scale structures, 3D printing is becoming a topic of growing interest in large part because of the urgent need to increase both productivity and safety on construction sites. This roundtable will discuss the environmental and technical opportunities and concerns related to concrete 3D printing, and alternative approaches.

Automate and Connect Workflows Using Autodesk’s Integrations Ecosystem

November 20, 2-3 PM PT, Live Q&A

At Autodesk, we  build  solutions that include everything from 3D design,  to  preconstruction, through build, and into project handover.  Customers often use Autodesk Construction Cloud in tandem with advanced construction software and hardware, as well as with everyday software tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Smartsheet, cloud-storage solutions, and data-analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Automating the workflows and data passed through these disparate systems helps keep everyone working with the latest and greatest information, eliminating errors due to siloed data and making collaboration easier on a construction jobsite. This talk will focus on using Autodesk APIs and our integration platform-as-a-service — Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect — to build custom workflows and to connect various technologies together to build a tech stack custom tailored to your needs.

ISO19650, the Common Data Environment and Autodesk Construction Cloud

November 20, 3-4 PM PT, Live Q&A

Use of standards for construction project delivery has grown over the last decade, with national and regional mandates, and an increase in Building Information Modelling has led to the development of the ISO19650 set of standards. This session will discuss the development and use of these standards and how they relate to how people are using Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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