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May 29, 2024

AU Learning Pages by Industry, Focus, and Professional Role


Learning is part of the job for everyone these days. But what exactly you need to be learning depends on what you do, what industry you work in, and what your focus is for the future. Because industries are changing, roles are changing, and priorities are changing all the time—in ways both large and small, expected and unexpected.  


At AU, we’re all about helping you find the learning that matters to you and your goals. That’s why we’ve created AU learning pages. On these pages, you’ll find curated sets of classes, articles, Theater talks, and main stage sessions that can help you sharpen your skills, see things from a new perspective, and chart a course for what’s ahead based on the priorities you set and the proficiencies you want to develop.  


Industry pages  

The Design and Make industries are transforming at an accelerating pace, enabling us to meet the needs of a changing global populace with fewer resources, less work, and less impact. Check out these pages for the Design and Make industries:  

  • Architecture & Building EngineeringFrom better houses to better skyscrapers, discover how new tools, new materials, and new strategies can help us meet the needs of the future.  
  • ConstructionConnection is the thing. That means connecting every part of the process and every person on the job site in new ways using emerging technologies.  
  • Civil Infrastructure—From bridges and tunnels to roads and waterways, our infrastructure is fundamental to our quality of life. Learn how to build—and rebuild—it to meet the needs of the future.  
  • Media & EntertainmentFrom film and TV to games and design visualization, stay up to speed with the processes and technologies that can help us meet growing demands for better, more immersive media.  
  • AutoCAD and General DesignBuild your skills with the design tool that started a revolution—and that still powers the Design and Make industries today.   


Professional role and focus pages 

Explore the technologies that are driving transformation, the trends that are changing industry, and learning specific to job roles within industries. 

  • Autodesk Platform ServicesWhether you’re a software developer or a decision maker, learn how to do more with your Design and Make data in the cloud.  
  • CAD & BIM ManagersBehind every successful design team, there’s someone making sure the technology works and the team has the training and support to do the job right. Explore the latest tips, tactics, and technologies to make your job easier and more effective.  
  • Design & EngineeringBetter manufacturing starts with better design and engineering. Expand your skills and your possibilities with new kinds of design automation, simulation, and new approaches to product data management.   
  • EducationExplore resources for teachers, trainers, and students that can help the next generation of Design and Make professionals work with emerging technologies.  
  • Sustainability—Whether you’re a practitioner, expert, or executive, explore sessions that can help you understand impact earlier in the Design and Make process and drive better results from finished projects.   


Check out all the AU learning pages to find the curated content that’s right for you.