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Bridging the gap between CIM and BIM with BIM 360

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    CIM and BIM have been buzz-words in the industry for quite some time, and have slowly made their own paths with disparate technology and corresponding workflows. Autodesk has been behind the curtain slowly transforming these buzz words into reality. Today, we can integrate the two populous terms into a single common data environment. Not only can we aggregate this data, but we can utilize it and the information that builds on it downstream. In this course, we will be demonstrating the ease of use of merging field captured data and engineering data with our design files in the BIM 360 environment. We will utilize this data for positioning, design, and even layout. We will then show the benefits leveraged downstream such as QA/QC and layout by way of a field controller or BIM 360 itself. The outcomes are revolutionary as we can connect remote teams by the cloud, with the most up to date information. We can track all activities, versioning, and even communication.

    Key Learnings

    • Accurately compile and translate data (e.g. control, surfaces, etc.) from various sources
    • Create and share project data via BIM 360
    • Link Revit files (BIM 360) to acquire accurate coordinates to ensure precision throughout the layout and modeling process
    • Identify how to load the final Revit model onto BIM 360 for review and further use within BIM 360 Layout