Lessons from a Worldwide Manufacturing Tour

Deloitte's Dom Mirabile reflects on Industry 4.0

How are the possibilities of Industry 4.0 affecting manufacturers around the world? Dom Mirabile of Deloitte traveled to 21 different countries and visited 50 different factories to find out. He discovered that priorities for owners and managers include speed-to-market, easier collaboration, better integration, and learning what technologies like intelligent automation and mixed reality can do for their bottom line.

To dig deeper into the insights and trends shaping today's product design and manufacturing industry, or to learn new workflows and practices, see what's trending among manufacturing industry professionals in the AU community.

Need recommendations? Industry 4.0 is finding a foothold in Europe, where high wages make innovation essential. Matthias Berling describes through what’s possible today and the challenges that lie ahead.

While 3D-printed metal parts often require subtractive post-processing to fulfill their function, the good news is you can control the entire design-to-make process in Fusion 360. Tobias Klimkait and Andrew Sartorelli walk you through it.

Lastly, sharing projects with external partners is key to the next era of manufacturing. But you need to collaborate with confidence and efficiency. Andreas Ernst-Wagner shows you how to put Vault to work to improve productivity.