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Theater Talks

Explore pioneering projects and industry-changing
innovations in short talks from thought leaders.

AU 2023

Going from “That’s Never Been Done” to Delivery | David Lawson and Jocelyn Birsch


Art as a Driver for Technology | Gaspard Roche


Families and Workers and the Definition of a Good Job | Rachel Korberg


Artists and Technology in Harmony | Chay Carter & Hansjeet Duggal


How Technology Brought Pinocchio to Life | Whitney Schmerber


Building the Sustainable Infrastructure Projects of Tomorrow​ | Joe Rasmussen


Mental Health and Construction: Putting People Work Before Paperwork | Mark Dyke


Stories Matter: Inclusive Storytelling and the Future of Work | Julie Ann Crommett


Making AI Work for You: A Legal Perspective | May Winfield


Digital Practices for Sustainability | Mariel Brown


The Digital Material Engineer | Kendra Wannamaker and Austin Flanary


Scaling Globally with a Data-Driven Platform | Justin Chin


Democratizing Project Data for Improved Automation and Analytics | Andrew Davis


Leading the Way Toward a Clean Aerospace Industry | Stefan List


Achieving a Sustainable Economy Through Digital Design Tools | Elise Grosse


Cooperation Can Close the Gap in Construction | Poul Hededal


From Former Mine to Sustainable Resort | Sarah Williamson


The Future of Water: Resilience and Sustainability for All | Andy Smith


Flood Resilience in the Face of Climate Change | Sheila Thomas-Ambat


Raising Construction’s Collective “TQ” (Technology Quotient) | Shelly Brown


Our Common Data Environment Journey | Hanson Chan


Achieving Cutting-Edge MEP Design Using XR | Gary Cowan


Building the Digital Big Room | Allison Flavin


A Culture of Curiosity:​ 100 Years of XR | Elliott Crossley


Industrialized Construction: An AI-Driven Kit of Products | Charlotte Garrett


A Digital Kit-of-Parts for Housing | Katie Rudin


Building Our Future ​with Industrialized Construction | Fope Bademosi and Magda Kowalczyk


Creating the Next-Generation Green Museum | Leslie Tom


Redefine Possible with Digital Twins | Amr Raafat


How to Improve Any Workspace Quickly with Digital Twins | Sam Roberts


Finding Jose: A VDC Journey of Discovery and Hope | Jacob Skrobarczyk


Innovating to Deliver Defense Availability | Jonathan Morely


Digitization of a Sustainable Automotive Design Studio | Trevor Greene


Bridgestone’s Journey to Smart Factories | Andy Warren


BOLT: Building Optimization by Leveraging Technology | Joseph Zabrosky


Successful Digital Twins Will Depend on Successful Standardization in Digital Factories | Zohair Mehkri


Transforming Design & Make with Quantum Computing and AI | Rob Greig