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From zero to hero: Next steps embracing digital bids and BuildingConnected

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    Last year, the class "Leveraging BuildingConnected to enhance your digital bid process" provided a detailed explanation of how digital bids are taking over the industry and a step-by-step guide on implementing BuildingConnected. After one full year and over 80 projects under our belt, a sequel is coming to share how to improve your process, develop new strategies, identify new uses, and learn tips and tricks. We will discuss project structure, communications, bid forms, analytics, reporting, streaming bid openings, and many more features. Despite the world returning to face-to-face business, we've seen such success with BuildingConnected that we decided to go all-in with digital bids. No physical bids equal no more driving, no more paper, and owners and subcontractors are loving it. Jump in and let's continue fostering relationships with all stakeholders while minimizing risks for future projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Appreciate how digital bids are improving the preconstruction phase.
    • Learn to setup BuildingConnected's basics including, but not limited to, projects, create a team and bid packages.
    • Understand the benefits of integrating project management staff and procedures during the bid solicitation process.
    • Assess how to be more competitive by reviewing advance analytics and historical subcontractor data.