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Teaching Design and Manufacturing with Injection Molded Yo-Yos and Fusion 360
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The Advanced Design and Manufacturing II course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has student teams each building 50 yo-yos custom designed in Fusion 360 software and manufactured using 3-axis milling and injection molding. Despite being a mechanical engineering course, many students come in with little experience with CAD and computer numerical control (CNC) machining. We expose students to the manufacturing disciplines and practices involved in the mass production of products. Transitioning the course to Fusion 360 has eliminated the obstacles present in teaching software and increased the time we have available to teach the key concepts of design and manufacturing. Where previously we would spend 4-6 weeks focusing on CAD/CAM, we now spend half that time before releasing the students on CNC machines. We utilize Fusion Team, the design and manufacturing workspaces, and our own instructional content to keep the students close to success, while still providing space for experimentation and ownership of their own processes.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to apply the workflow from design to manufacture for injection-molded yo-yos using Fusion 360
  • Learn about visualizing the injection molding process using Moldflow
  • Discover best practices for using Fusion 360 Team to manage a classroom
  • Learn how to utilize templates, libraries, and defaults to speed CAM setup in Fusion 360


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