Lecture    BO2151
Stepping Up to Stand Out: How to Deliver Presentations That Win Projects
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Public speaking is an all-too-common fear. How do you conquer that fear and drive your small business to success in an industry where proposal presentations are common? You learn to step up and stand out! Come and join our discussion to share the experiences that you and your peers face daily. Learn the 5 simple don'ts of giving any successful presentation. Learn to step out of the bullet-list box. Learn and share exciting new ideas that can use affordable technology to take your presentation from one more meeting to an event you do not want to miss. Walk into every presentation armed with the confidence that success is within your grasp and that you are fully prepared to clear this last hurdle. Whether that selection is made by 1 person or 100, this class is designed to help you research, prepare, and present and follow up. Also, learn what to do once the presentation is over and the decision is made. If your position involves even 1 presentation this year, you cannot miss this class.

Key Learnings

  • Confidently research, prepare, and give presentations to any number of people in any situation
  • List 5 things to never do before, during, or after any presentation
  • Use any presentation as a means to open continuing communication with potential clients and build relationships
  • Explore new and exciting presentation methods that go well beyond the standard PowerPoint presentation given by competitors



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