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See More with SIPOC, and Then Rev It Up with RPM

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    The starting point for any technology implementation project is to truly understand where your teams are today. Extended SIPOC methodology captures the complete process, stakeholders, actions, and risks involved in a single form to provide confidence in the real as-is situation. Next, the issues discovered need to be prioritized on business value to enable a pathway of small high-value projects that deliver visible easy-wins, rather than engaging immediately in a large project that takes a long time to realize business value. The Roadmap & Priority Matrix (RPM) methodology provides a simple way to achieve this goal to consistently plan high-value roadmaps for your teams. The key is to better understand the real requirements, and plan to meet those in a deliverable and visible way.

    Key Learnings

    • Document existing process more effectively
    • Apply risk assessment to current process
    • Analyze discovered issues on business value
    • Plan a high-value optimized roadmap