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Saving Three Years of Boredom...or Around $1,000,000

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    <p>AIA CEU  This session will explore how the speaker saw an opportunity to use Model Checker on Autodesk Forge to enable a deep dive into modeled data, using Microsoft Power BI to quickly and easily understand team trends and performance inside their models. In major project delivery, we don't usually have the ability to scale learning-it's "go go go" from the start. Come and see how the speaker was able to create a methodology to enable themselves and others, including project managers, to understand how project data is trending before it reaches the client.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the capability of the Autodesk Forge Model Checker.
    • Learn how to support technicians to invert into deeper learning of Autodesk software.
    • Learn how to enable higher levels of quality on models.
    • Learn about enabling ALL project users to read and understand their project data.