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Right first-time mega project delivery - Overcoming complexity and scale

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    In recent years there has been recurrent calls to increase the volume of investment in infrastructure to boost economic activity and employment. The view of infrastructure however is not universally positive, the delivery of these schemes remains under sustained challenge due to a reputation of late and under value delivery. Right first time is a process to deliver high quality engineering solutions through the development of clear requirements and careful stakeholder management, ultimately avoiding late surprises at delivery. This session will use practical project case studies from the last 10 years to show how this process, enabled by digital solutions, has avoided delays and increased costs. As major programmes of work become ever more complex and the expectations from society continues to increase, join us to learn how mega projects such as Tideway and BART Silicon Valley II ensured 82% of delivery packages were accepted first time around and reduced production efforts by 32%.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Challenge complex mega project delivery approaches using success examples from previous project case studies
    • 2. Implement digitally enabled project delivery approaches which avoid late surprises which impact programme and cost.
    • 3. Lead the development of digital delivery strategies which effectively manage interfaces and stakeholder.
    • 4. Evaluate the ongoing success of digital delivery strategies on mega projects.