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Retaining Walls in AutoCAD Civil 3D—Made Easy
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This class will show simple and effective methods for easily creating variable-height retaining walls using tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D software, and it will be of interest to anyone wishing to work on retaining wall design. The class will cover concepts that are often misconstrued as complex, and we will deliver these topics in an easy-to-understand and occasionally entertaining style. The delegate will see ways in which to represent a retaining wall as a surface, as well as construct a full solid model of the design. We will introduce Subassembly Composer software to offer intelligence to the creation of the solid model. We will discuss workflows into Revit software, and we will present an unconventional workflow into Inventor software. The course handout notes will also include material to enable the attendees to present their own classes on this topic to peers. A screencast presentation of the full instructional demonstration will be made available after the course.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to design a retaining wall surface and add it to your finished surface model
  • Discover the principles of targeting in AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Learn how to use Subassembly Composer to help design an assembly that enables stepped footing widths to vary according to wall height
  • Learn how to extract a solid model of a retaining wall designed in AutoCAD Civil 3D and import it into Revit or Inventor



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