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My assets are all over the place! Chaos and Order in the AssetVerse

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    Want to learn more about how to manage data with maintenance in mind? This class is exactly for you! We will go deep into the life of assets showing you some secrets when dealing with data that all over the place. Discover how to explore critical assets throughout the project lifecycle from design to maintenance when managing and coordinating multiple 3D models. This workflow starts by preparing models with assets in mind, while collaborating across the cloud. Then we leverage the assets database during the build phase following up on their installation statuses. Finally, we will describe how to maintain these assets after commissioning and handover. Overall, this workflow describes a lossless transition of asset data from design into construction, then to maintenance.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to coordinate assets across disciplines with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro
    • Learn how to extract asset GUID’s from Revit and Navisworks.
    • Learn how to bring asset data from Autodesk Build into our facility management platform.
    • Understand the basic workflows of Autodesk Tandem for maintenance.