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Developing 3D Asset Standards for Future Experiences & Simulation

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    This panel will feature the perspectives of three top innovators in the 3D content space, gathered to discuss the creation, optimization and utilization of standardized 3D assets across a wide range of applications. With the ever growing need to have 3D content flowing seamlessly across multiple experiences and platforms, it’s never been more important to establish workflow standards for homogeneous 3D assets. By standardizing assets, automation pipelines can be better utilized to convert and conform an individual asset for multiple use cases. Our panelists will discuss the latest advances in USD, Material-X, MDL, and glTF, that are helping pave the way for more versatile content, and explore the value of storing and managing metadata for 3D assets in a time when rich content is more important than ever.

    Key Learnings

    • Managing, and distributing 3D models
    • Develop an ecosystem for future-proofed 3D content
    • Develop a pipeline for publishing
    • Lessons we’ve learned over the past 20 years dealing with 3D content