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Laser Scanning— Registration Process: ReCap Pro Versus Leica Cyclone

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    Registration and georeferencing are the most important aspects of a successful laser scanning project. No project enables you to capture the entire scope of work from a single vantage point; therefore, registration is one of the most critical steps in providing an accurate as-built to the client. There are several methods for capturing and registering point cloud data. This class performs a side-by-side registration comparison between ReCap Pro software and Leica Cyclone, one of the stronger point cloud processing software systems on the market. We will use the same data set to perform the cloud-to-cloud (C2C) registration. To make the comparison even more interesting, we will compare the final C2C registrations to target registration performed solely in Leica Cyclone. We will objectively present advantages and disadvantages of both tools so that the users can make educated decisions when it is time to choose the right tools for their jobs.

    Key Learnings

    • Use ReCap Pro® to C2C register scan data
    • Use Leica Cyclone® to C2C register scan data
    • Asses project registration reports
    • Determine which registration tool meets your project requirements