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LISP-ing on Purpose, Part 1

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    AutoLISP® is an easy-to-learn programming language for the non-programmer. Programming is simply intelligently obtaining and using or reusing data. This hands-on lab shows you how to recognize the type of data that you need, get that data, and then use it. Part 1 of this class focuses on the terminology and syntax (the format and the functions that your programs need to follow) used in AutoLISP. You create a simple program or 2 using math and numeric data types. Part 2 moves into the gathering and use of other data types. You learn how to get data from the user of your programs, and then manipulate and apply that data in various ways. You learn how to add objects to your drawing as well as edit existing objects in your drawing. If you want to learn LISP but have felt you did not have enough time or the ability to comprehend and learn it, attend this class. I guarantee that you can learn this language and make yourself more productive.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain common AutoLISP programming terms
    • Identify the common data types encountered within AutoCAD® software and AutoLISP
    • Use the Visual LISP Editor to write and format simple LISP routines
    • Load, use, and make available for future use those programs that will automate workflow