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Inventor и Vault для быстрого проектирования и запуска в производство модульных изделий строительства

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    Using real examples from one of the largest Russian developers and the market leader in the construction of affordable housing, we will inform you about Autodesk technologies that help to combine the engineering projects (modular sanitary cabins) and the construction (residential buildings). It will focus on the key features of Autodesk Inventor for rapid design (building frames, sheet materials, piping, electrical equipment), and the Autodesk Vault – for data management and the integration with customer business systems (ERP).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how modular construction can increase construction efficiency
    • Find out how Inventor design benefits construction companies: building frames, sheet materials, piping, electrical equipment
    • Learn how to implement Vault system and integrate it with the customer's internal ERP system
    • Learn the main advantages of interaction between D&M and AEC solutions