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I Shipped My Scripts - Awesome Strategies for Sharing Dynamo Graphs

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    Placing node after node after node. Let's face it, if you have been a Dynamo user for any amount of time you have probably seen some Dynamo graphs that are "less than perfect" and could use some cleaning up. You may have even created some of the graphs that need to be cleaned up along the way. Even if you aren't a full-time Dynamo user you probably have seen the "spaghetti" mess that can come from using it. This class aims to demonstrate effective ways to clean up your Dynamo graphs for distribution to others. We will cover topics from which packages to use all the way up to what the heck lacing is. We will also observe some sample graphs that are less than perfect and cover key ways to optimize them. If you are a beginner user, you will leave the class with ideas on how to be better than okay at Dynamo. If you have been working with Dynamo for a while, there is still hope for you as well. So be sure to stop by and learn how to create Dynamo graphs that are faster and suck less.

    Key Learnings

    • Effectively use Dynamo 2.13 to better document and share graphs.
    • Utilize great methods for documenting your "Code" in Dynamo.
    • Discover tools that aid in "shipping" our Dynamo graphs to others.
    • Truly use Dynamo player to its full potential.