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HBIM for Historic Buildings: Refurbishment of Big Ben for UK Parliament

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    AIA CES  This session will be a presentation about Purcell's development and use of building information modeling (BIM) and historic building information management (HBIM) and how this use has transformed Purcell's approach to documenting and designing conservation, repair, and creative adaptation of historic buildings. It will include a case study of Purcell's use of Revit software and BIM for the refurbishment of Big Ben-the world's most famous clock tower and the centerpiece of the UK parliament. The presenter has been the lead architect on this project since 2015, and construction is due to finish in Summer 2022.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how tools developed in Revit for new build can be adapted for historic building repair.
    • Learn about the approach we’ve taken to repair and refurbish Big Ben, the world's most famous clock tower.
    • Discover how Autodesk software has helped us achieve our project goals.
    • Learn about how we approach repair of historic buildings in the UK and around the world.