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The Golden Ticket: Working with Vault and Fusion Team

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    2020 imposed upon us an unprecedented need to shift our workforces from office environments to remote ones. With this, many Vault users found themselves struggling to access their data, IT personnel had to scramble to set up previously unnecessary VPNs, and many companies found themselves struggling to maintain status quo amid the pandemic. Fusion Team is a suggested resolution to this data-access issue, but setting it up to work with Vault software without knowing the intricacies of that relationship will usually end with more frustrations than solutions. In this class, we will provide guidelines to maximize the efficiency and productivity of using Fusion Team with Vault software in order to keep your team up and running no matter what life throws at them.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up Fusion Team to work with your Vault.
    • Discover the relationship and differences between Fusion Team and Vault.
    • Learn how to assist your team with the setup of remote access to their files.
    • Learn how to access data remotely without requiring a VPN.