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The Future of Design: How the Masters Create in 2025

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    Imagine that it is the year 2025 and the world of technology is anew: quantum computing is now common, 3D printing has become a cheap commodity, biological programming has redefined the concept of life, and sensors of every type are embedded in almost every manufactured product, fulfilling the promise of the Internet of things. But in 2025, the world continues to churn. Economies on every continent have gone bankrupt. Massive corporations have fallen, replaced by rapidly growing startups—and the average global temperature has risen 1.2°C. Join us to see how several leading designers have applied exponentially growing technologies to create the products the world now wants and needs. This session features Brian David Johnson, Intel futurist and author; Alvise Simondetti, ARUP Futures; Franz von Holzhausen, head of Design, Tesla Motors; Michael Gough, VP Experience Design, Adobe; Rex Gringon, head of Animation, Dreamworks; Daniel Kraft, Singularity University chair; and Trevor Haldenby, founder, Byologyc. You will see state-of-the-art cars, robots, medical equipment, running shoes, games, and movies, as well as the way these creations were designed and fabricated. You just might be surprised how unexpected the future may be.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify how emerging technologies will transform the stages, methods, and sequences of design
    • Clarify the specific technologies that will impact the work of design from concept, prototype, and production
    • Clarify how exponentially changing design tools will change who will do design
    • Identify design paradigms that encompass the small to the large, the living to the non-living, and to self-assembly