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Federal Agency Stress Tests Revit and BIM 360 Best Practices

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    A Prominent Federal Agency is renovating, preserving, and expanding two adjacent large historic buildings at the same time. The joint venture FORTUS assembled a 200-person, 23-consultant design team for this project. The team went on to develop 40+ Revit models totaling over 15 GB with an additional 4,295 scans of point cloud data. To facilitate such a large endeavor, FORTUS employed common best practices of Revit and BIM 360. In this class we will discuss the best practices that held up, expose the ones that struggled, and reveal newly discovered ones. The best practices we will cover focus on project setup, collaboration and communication standards, dividing up models and teams, alternate design options, point clouds, building orientation, BIM 360 Model Coordination, and QA\QC tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Develop effective communication protocols for diverse teams
    • Implement a model splitting strategy with confidence
    • Identify appropriate methods for various design option scopes and scenarios
    • Orient and align buildings and point clouds correctly