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Discover mParticles— 3ds Max Software's Built-in Destruction Toolkit

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    The mParticles toolset (formerly Particle Flow toolbox#2) has been fully integrated into 3ds Max software since the 2013 subscription expansion pack. This class will look at particle structure and particle destruction. You will learn how to avoid unwanted explosive behavior caused by the NVIDIA PhysX and MassFX engines. You'll also discover how to build structure suitable for bindings inside of Particle Flow, how to trigger breaking behavior, and how to skin geometry to particles that can rip and tear. Please see video:

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use mParticles software, and become familiar with its operators
    • Learn how to build structures suitable for destruction with the PhysX engine
    • Discover binding and breaking particles with the mParticles Glue test
    • Learn how to skin geometry to particles using the Particle Skinner Modifier