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Digitizing Coral Reefs: New Tech in a Threatened Ocean
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*PLEASE NOTE* This dynamic presentation on the health of marine ecosystems and the use of photogrammetry by the Hydrous is now part of the Wednesday presentation, "Stories from the Future of Making Things Experience," at 3:30 PM in the Theater. The health of marine ecosystems is declining rapidly from the combined effects of climate change, like rising ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, and sea level rise, and these effects are compounded by more direct human impacts such as pollution and over-fishing. Despite overwhelming evidence of these problems, and the proven effectiveness of their respective solutions, ocean environments like coral reefs remain over-exploited, under-protected, and out of mind. Therefore, the Hydrous uses creative methods to support scientific discovery and translate research into public understanding and ocean conservation. The Hydrous uses photogrammetry to non-destructively create 3D models of coral reefs in the wild and from museum specimens, the data from which contribute to ongoing research, historical preservation, art programs, and ocean education. The Hydrous also creates immersive experiences for virtual field trips and 360 footage, which have been viewed online by millions. The ultimate goal of the Hydrous is to connect people to marine environments and increase ocean literacy- through expeditions, technology, and education- to so that our blue planet can be further admired, understood, and protected.


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