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Design Automation Solution Drives Competitive Advantage at Racking Provider

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    Hannibal, a Nucor Company, introduced a powerful design automation solution, allowing the firm to become a customer-first organization. Instead of turning away work due to a cumbersome sales and quoting process, the firm has successfully transformed its business model and brand perception in the marketplace. Powered in large part by Inventor software, company team members can now take an assembly modeling approach when designing racking systems for customers, which helps them work faster to win more deals. BOMs are autogenerated, which streamlines the change-management process and production.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the value gained by the whole manufacturing organization from a streamlined sales and design process.
    • Hear from the customer on how modular, templated design expanded who could participate in the design process.
    • Learn the importance of solution adoption, and how to come back from false starts and re-starts.
    • See how clarity in sales and design drives a more sustainable business with fewer errors and less labor and material waste.