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Choosing the Right Autodesk CAM Package
Robert Walker
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You might be new to CAM. You might have an existing non-Autodesk CAM package. You might be an Autodesk CAM user who is exploring other products in the portfolio. Whatever your situation, if you are interested in Autodesk CAM products, this session will aim to help you. This class will introduce you to the range of Autodesk CAM products. Starting with the HSM products this class will look at product capabilities, and which CAM product to move to next, when your focus changes. So whether it’s the high level of automation and multi-tasking machining centre capability of FeatureCAM, or maybe the high-degree of toolpath and machine control of PowerMill you require, this class will help you make the right decision for your next CAM package.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about the range of CAM products Autodesk offers
  • Learn where each CAM product overlaps, and more importantly specialises, in order to make the right choice
  • Learn more about the types of parts and machines each package caters for
  • Learn more specifically about FeatureCAM’s automation and PowerMill’s toolpath control


Robert Walker
Rob graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Product Design and Management before embarking on a career with Delcam as an Applications Engineer. Initially he started in the UK department, training and supporting UK customers, before moving into the international support department to assist the global Delcam reseller network in both pre and post-sales activities. Following the acquisition of Delcam by Autodesk, he now works as a Technical Marketing Manager, helping customers understand the advanced manufacturing solutions that Autodesk offers.

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