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Boosting Project Performance: Engineering Automation Workflow Using Dynamo

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    AIA CES  Revit software is a powerful tool in the building information modeling (BIM) world that can be linked to Robot Structural Analysis software. Structural analysis requirements and constraints make this link difficult to manage and often result in time-consuming manual adjustments in models. This class will explain how you can use Dynamo for automated creation of intelligent models (including MEP design) and structural analysis models with one engineering data set input based on shaft structure and pumping station project example. The intelligent model output includes all necessary information, schedules with concrete, and mapped required reinforced steel quantities. The second model output uses the same unique geometry while considering all structural load cases and combinations required for detailed design. We'll show you how this engineering workflow allows users-with a previously impossible agility- to react quickly to change, leaving more time to on focus on core engineering rather than model and deliverable generation.

    Key Learnings

    • Design the workflow to automate the creation of Revit and Robot Structural Analysis models using Dynamo.
    • Learn how to implement automation workflow as part of engineering projects to reduce time-consuming tasks, risk of errors, or inaccuracies.
    • Learn about maximizing automation workflow to quickly adapt on last-minute changes.
    • Learn about advantages and disadvantages of developing advanced Dynamo script.