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Best Practices for Virtualizing Your Autodesk Software

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    This class will cover best practices for running your Autodesk software on virtualized desktops and workstations or virtualized servers. We’ll look at use cases across products, license types, and virtualization providers to explain how to set up these scenarios and what you can do under our terms of use. We will also touch on how to get support if you encounter issues running your Autodesk software on virtualized hardware, and we’ll cover some common pitfalls to avoid.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand which virtualization providers are recommended to run Autodesk software
    • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls or issues when setting up Autodesk in a virtualized environment
    • Understand which product/licensing use cases are possible under the Autodesk Terms of Use
    • Learn how to run Autodesk software in supported virtualized environments