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Lecture    PL6164
Analyze That: Vault Reporting and Monitoring
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As a CAD manager you realize the value of your data but you don't know how to get that data out of Vault software into a tangible format that you can share with others. You often have users, managers, or IT members asking you for reports on various aspects of Vault software. This session will help you to build reports using Vault software's built-in report functionality to extract data for the benefit of your user community. We will cover customizing out-of-the-box reports and creating from new to display all that rich data your users put into Vault software. We will also discuss some third-party tools that can help you with server monitoring and reporting so you can keep your vault running smoothly.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the reporting format
  • Understand tools for customizing
  • Understand what can be reported
  • Understand third-party tools for server monitoring



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