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Adventures in Babysitting: Monitoring Vault Infrastructure with Zabbix

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    You've set up your Vault server. Everyone is connected and happily checking files in and out, participating in lifecycles, and creating items and bills of materials (BOMs). The Job Processor is ticking away, handling all the busy work for your engineers, and you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you don't need to do anything until it's time to upgrade to the next version. Right? Wrong! Vault servers can be fickle mistresses, and things do occasionally go pear-shaped. And if things do go wrong, the best time to find out is before it happens. Running low on disk space? Persistent Job Processor errors? High RAM usage? SQL Express database getting perilously close to the 10GB limit? All these and more can adversely affect the performance of your Vault server. This session will show you how to install Zabbix and configure it to monitor your Vault server and Job Processor, and alert you of any impending problems before they become actual problems.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up Zabbix server and client software.
    • Learn about monitoring the basics on a Vault server.
    • Learn about monitoring Vault and Job Processor-specific information.
    • Learn how to set up notifications.