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Advanced Inventor Modeling for Infraworks

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    <p>Inventor users: Have you heard of Infraworks? And Infraworks/Revit users: Have you heard of Inventor? This class bridges the knowledge gap that exists between Inventor and Infraworks users, providing an advanced demonstration of the powerful functionality achieved when using these two products together. I’ll show how to create dynamic Inventor models with capabilities that function once brought into Infraworks. Instruction will include setting up iLogic codes to function in Infraworks/Inventor server; providing examples of codes proven to work; showing how these models can be 'Flexed' and 'Instanced' in Infraworks; highlighting the downstream benefits of models in Inventor/Infraworks; and propagating models into Civil3D and Revit for further detailing and project drawings. For anyone curious about my 'street cred' for the content, be sure to check out my AU 2021 presentation titled Multibridge Cable Stay Intelligent Models in InfraWorks, Inventor, Civil 3D, and Revit.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Build Inventor models for use within Infraworks bridge and generic object workflows
    • Develop and identify limitations of iLogic codes that work within Infraworks
    • Create models with a high-degree of flexibility and adaptability in Infraworks
    • Change Inventor model body colors and turn on/off Inventor components in Infraworks