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A360 Hands-on Lab: Learn How to Navigate A360, Create Projects, and Share with Teams

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    This hands-on lab class will start out by teaching you how to navigate the A360 Team hub and what all the parts are. Then we will teach you how to create a project and add both 2D and 3D data to that project. Once you have uploaded your 2D and 3D data, we can take a look at how to use the Large Model Viewer to view over 100 file types. You can isolate parts as well as turn different parts of the model on and off. We will go over how to invite others to your project and how to share files with them. This includes public and private file sharing. You will leave this lab knowing how to create and edit projects; share files; and collaborate with teams, clients, and customers.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to navigate an A360 Team hub
    • Learn how to create and edit an A360 Team Project
    • Learn how to upload files to A360 for sharing and viewing
    • Learn how to use the A360 Large Model Viewer with over 100 different file types