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April 28, 2021

Digitizing the Reconstruction of Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Whatever plans guided construction of the original Notre Dame cathedral in the 12th century are lost to us. At the time, architecture was not yet a distinct profession and paper was rare. Master builders sometimes drew plans on prepared animal hides called parchment which were often reused, or they built short-lived models of plaster or clay. Today, as workers finish clean up and begin to rebuild the cathedral following the devastating 2019 fire, we know this: the future of Notre Dame will be digital.

The patronage agreement between Autodesk and the public establishment dedicated to the project ensures that the latest digital tools will guide not only the design, but also coordination and management of the construction process, as well as conservation of the structure going forward.

It’s another important example of how new technologies can help us preserve and understand important heritage sites. From reality capture of existing structures to speculative recreation of structures that are lost, check out these AU 2020 classes to build your skills and your understanding of what’s possible.

Virtual Ancient Egyptian Tomb: CG Reconstruction and Visualization in 3ds Max

The tomb of Nefertiti may be destroyed, but using decades-old photographs and other resources, Andrey Plaksin and his team recreated it in computer graphics for a museum exhibit. In this class, he walks you through the process for building textures and 3D models, then lighting and rendering.

The Power of Reality in Rich, Volumetric, VR Real-Time Experiences

Blueplanet VR specializes in creating immersive photogrammetric experiences of heritage sites around the world. CEO Eric Hanson takes you on a tour as he shows their site-capture methodologies and their post-production workflows, including tone mapping, prep in Maya, and export into the Unity game engine.

Acquiring Assets from the Real World Using ReCap and 3ds Max

Learn step by step how 3D artist Stefan Ivanov captured and recreated a private chateau in France.

Laser Scanning: Enhancing Productivity and Quality in Construction Management

Now that the scan-to-BIM process can basically happen in real time, laser scanning is finding new uses in construction management. From quantity surveying to progress monitoring and deviation analysis, learn how to integrate these workflows into your own projects.

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