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RKS hollow-body electric guitar

Company: RKS

Industry: Manufacturing

RKS revolutionizes the design of guitars to create a breakthrough look with a focus on ergonomics and tone

RKS departed from standard electric guitar design, which was still limited by an early 20th-century approach to amplification. Using “neck-through-body” construction, interchangeable aluminum or wood ribs, and molded body shells, RKS created the first-ever, open-ended, hollow-body electric guitars and bass guitars. The open body structure enables each instrument to be easily customized for color, materials, finish, shape—and sound.

RKS knew Alias software would move them efficiently and elegantly from creative sketching to reality. What might have taken hundreds of drawings was done with a single digital model and in a common visual language. With Alias, RKS was able to create, manipulate, and experiment with shape, style, and sound in scores of digital iterations, speeding the process from renderings to physical product.