A New Way Of Building: How GRAHAM Construction Revolutionises Projects With Autodesk Build

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Staying ahead in the dynamic construction world requires innovative solutions that promote efficiency, transparency, and exceptional project quality.

GRAHAM is a leading, privately owned construction company operating across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Most recently, GRAHAM was named Digital Contractor of the Year at the prestigious Digital Construction Awards, recognising their commitment to innovation and “tech transformation” in the built environment.

Discover how GRAHAM transitioned to Autodesk Build, an Autodesk Construction Cloud solution, to improve collaboration amongst project teams and subcontractor partners on one of Salford's premier student accommodation schemes in the UK.

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A Transformative Approach to Project Management

GRAHAM, known for its commitment to excellence, understood the need to adopt a transformative approach to project management. Traditional manual processes in construction can often lead to communication gaps, delays, and increased chances of errors on projects.

GRAHAM set their projects up for success by transitioning to Autodesk Build. On the Discovery Quay Phase 2 project, GRAHAM has revolutionised how the team collaborates, communicates, and executes across their supply chain.

With a centralised platform that fosters real-time communication, Autodesk Build has ensured all project team members are on the same page at any time. With the ability to access project data, designs, and documents from anywhere, the teams can make informed decisions promptly, reducing potential delays and the likelihood of lost information.

Enhancing Project Transparency

Transparency can transform outcomes for clients and collaborators on construction projects. It builds trust among stakeholders and allows for early identification of potential issues. GRAHAM's project managers, clients, subcontractors, and other team members can now access up-to-date project information, including schedules, budgets, and progress reports in Autodesk Build.

A New and Standardised Approach to Data

GRAHAM has embraced construction management software by creating standardisation in capturing, sharing, and managing data.

Anyone who needs to find or share information can do so immediately with the single source of truth offered by Autodesk Build rather than having to track down stakeholders or check multiple tools or documents. This saves time and avoids confusion.

But more than this, GRAHAM's approach to how information flows on projects has been transformed.

Autodesk Build allows us to capture on site very simply. It also allows us to capture data into the solution, but also out of it. For example, our drawings connect into Autodesk Build but we also get outputs out of it too, so this is important in how we approach our data management.

— Andrew Crawford, Head of IT Business Solutions at GRAHAM.

Enhanced Collaboration across the Supply Chain

The interoperability of Autodesk Build has also helped improve GRAHAM's relationships with clients and subcontractors. Issue tracking and quality control features enabled the Discovery Quay Phase 2 project team to swiftly identify and address potential problems. By accessing models directly on site using Autodesk Build, GRAHAM has an added layer of accuracy and mistakes can be identified before they become an issue or a case for rework.

By centralising all issue-tracking data, GRAHAM's project teams can prioritise and resolve issues promptly, ensuring that project timelines remain intact, and the final deliverable is on time and of the highest quality.

Looking to the future, the team at GRAHAM plan to adopt Autodesk Build on more and more of their construction projects. And by partnering with Autodesk, GRAHAM has been able to share valuable insights from the industry to help improve features and functionality that address challenges in construction.

Michael Goehler

Customer Success Manager, Autodesk