New Analysis Reveals Rising Digital Collaboration Trends in Construction [Infographic] 

rising digital collaboration trends in construction

Construction has always been complex. Multiple stakeholders, countless instances of documentation, and rising risk have made it an industry long overdue for a digital revolution. The good news: construction companies are identifying project roadblocks and correcting errors faster by collaborating on a common project platform. 

After analyzing collaboration data trends from 2,200 projects, aggregated and anonymized from Autodesk Construction Cloud over the last three years, we think you're going to like what we found. This is big news in an industry where poor communication can take an estimated toll of up to $17 billion a year. 

Our analysis revealed a few key opportunities to extend cloud collaboration to more project stakeholders from planning to handover, telling us that companies are reaping benefits from improving communication and collaboration among internal stakeholders.  

We call that staying on the same page at every stage. Together, we can make a big impact on the bottom line. 

Learn more about our analysis of industry collaboration trends and opportunities in the infographic below. 

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