Assign and Track Issues Quickly in Autodesk Build

Errors are part of the territory for construction projects. From design, quality, and warranty problems to safety concerns, things inevitably come up throughout a project.

In an ideal world, these issues are raised, addressed, and resolved promptly. Not having a standardized process for handling them and their data hampers your team's ability to solve them proactively—which ultimately leads to additional costs and delays.

In fact, industry data shows over half (52%) of the $280 billion of annual rework costs result from poor project data and communication. Needless to say, standardization and strong communication practices are vital for teams that want to raise and address concerns quickly.

However, achieving this isn't always easy because of the complex nature of job sites. Depending on the project, hundreds or thousands of issues of varying sizes can arise. What's more, there are often multiple stakeholders involved; different trades, roles, individuals, or companies may be necessary to resolve these issues.

There's also the matter of timing and agility. Adaptability is key in the field, as many issues may be repeatable with minor differences in details. As such, it's also crucial to not only move quickly but to do it in a way that makes solving future issues easier.

Today, these projects teams can manage, track, and access all these real-world problems, concerns, and errors in the Issues Tool in Autodesk Build. We're thrilled to announce new capabilities that will help teams standardize issue data, create issues quicker, and help teams locate the issues faster.

How to Streamline Issue Management with Autodesk Build

Teams can now access two useful capabilities in Autodesk Build to streamline how they handle issues in the field. These features are Issue Templates in Projects and Sheet Overview in Detail Report.

Let's take a closer look at these capabilities:

Issue Templates in Projects

Admins within Projects can now create, edit, and delete repeatable Issue Templates via the web, promoting consistency across their team. These templates contain fields where default information can be set, including:

  • Issue Type & Category
  • Initial Status
  • Assigned to
  • Location
  • Root Cause & Category
  • Description
  • Custom Attributes
  • Watchers

Inserting defaults into these fields makes it so teams can use the templates to create Issues faster in the field while standardizing what data is collected.

Creating and logging issues is also much easier since project members can use these templates to create issues on-site from the web or on their mobile devices.

Sheet Overview in Detail Report

The Sheet Overview feature enables teams to easily locate issues on the job site so they can be resolved quickly.

When generating an Issue Detail report from within the Reports tool, members will now see an added option for "Sheet Overview." The new "Sheet Overview" displays a cover page for each sheet and uses pushpins to show the locations of each issue.

With this capability, teams responsible for fixing problems on site no longer have to hunt to find the issues they are tasked with resolving.

Making Issue Management Easier for Teams

On projects with hundreds, or even thousands of issues, resolving them with speed and efficiency is a must. Project leaders need to get the right people in the know. These new capabilities in Autodesk Build enable you to do just that.

With Issue Templates in Projects, issue creators can quickly create issues in the field with accurate and complete data.

Team leads in the trailer can standardize default inputs to effectively describe and assign issues to the correct team members. Sheet Overview in Detail Reports enables general contractors to coordinate with specialty contractors on the issues they're responsible for. Specialty contractors can quickly see where an issue is located on-site and they can view the necessary information to resolve issues in a timely manner.

All in all, these capabilities allow field teams to create and address issues effectively, thus saving everyone time.

See These Features in Action

Speed, accuracy, and adaptability are vital in issue management, particularly in today's fast-paced environment. Issue Templates in Projects and Sheet Overview in Detail Reports are just two of Autodesk Build's many features that can streamline your field processes.

Ready to see them in action? Check out the demo video below!

Adam Arcus

Product Marketing Manager