10 AU 2023 Construction Classes to Watch on Replay 

Autodesk University 2023 was three full days filled with infectious energy and excitement. Keynotes, meetups, sessions, and networking kept everyone engaged, informed, and overall created our best AU yet. 

If you didn’t have a chance to attend, we’ve got you covered you can check out the daily recaps here:   

Even if you were unable to attend AU 2023 you can still check out many of the construction sessions and theater talks, via on-demand streaming which you can access here.  

10 Construction Sessions You Might Have Missed 

We’ve put together a collection of the top 10 most attended sessions you might have missed while in person and may want to access. Check out these on-demand sessions while they’re available. 

The Future of BIM Is Information 

Led by speaker Håvard Vasshaug, CPO and Co-founder, Anker, this industry talk covers some of the biggest hurdles in productivity for the construction industry.  

Other industries' productivity arrows are pointed up, but construction is not. After 25 years of building information modeling (BIM), one would think it would be different. But it's not. There are probably thousands of reasons for that, and we would never imagine knowing a fraction of them. But we think one of the reasons, however small it is, has to do with how we work with Information today. Other industries are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) at scale. The AEC industry cannot. This inspiring talk explores why not, looks at what we can do about it, and provides a few examples that show we are on the right path.

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The Future of the Construction Workforce 

Hosted by Jim Rogers, instructor, LinkedIn, this session covers the labor problem in construction, the skills gap, the image issue, and the diversity issues. The adoption of technology in construction presents new opportunities to reinvent our image, and our presence, into one that embraces diversity and technology and values its people.  

This tech adoption also presents us with new challenges as we navigate how to do this without alienating our current workforce who holds much of the knowledge about how we build. The industry cannot afford to push past the existing workforce, nor can it afford to give in and let the industry operate at status quo. Construction needs to adopt new paradigms that encourage the buy-in and support of the current workforce while attracting new talent from labor pools that are traditionally not attracted to the industry, including women and young workers who are just entering the workforce. There are issues in the industry that need to be explored and addressed in order to achieve these goals.

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How AI Will Solve the Most Overlooked Challenge in Sustainable Housing 

Hosted by Peter Bertels, CTO, CIRCL, Wim Pieters, CEO, CIRCL, and Yasmine Van Roosbroeck, BIM Manager, Vanhout this session takes a deep dive into the often-overlooked sustainability challenge in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is: What should we do with all existing individual houses?  

Current technology enables sustainable design of new houses. However, climate change cannot be addressed without tackling the existing building stock. More than 62 million single-family houses need thorough renovation if we are to fulfill the EU climate ambitions by 2050. This means tackling 6,000 houses per day, starting today—in Europe alone! They demonstrate how AI, and generative design will support building owners and architects to quickly come up with new sustainable design options, ready for industrialized prefabrication with standardized elements. In this session, you’ll learn how AI can add flexibility in the design with standardized elements.  

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Demolish bidding data silos & unlock insights: A primer for precon leaders 

Led by speakers Mary Holm, Senior Manager, Software Development Preconstruction, Autodesk, and Alice Adelman, Integration Solutions Engineer, Autodesk. This session covers why connecting data across preconstruction workflows and systems is critical to increasing efficiency, unlocking insights, and driving business. . 

You’ll learn more about the benefits of BuildingConnected's API, ACC Connect, and integrations built by third-party software providers , and how these tools can connect your bidding data to other systems, such as Salesforce and PowerBI. You’ll come away inspired by the examples shared, and with a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to bring the power of connected bidding data to your organization.

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Maximizing Construction IQ and Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics 

This session was led by Deepak Maini, Principal Business Consultant, Autodesk and Steven Bloomer, BIM Lead, GHD. You’ll learn how project stakeholders need to understand the state of their projects in a simple and easy-to-consume format. Autodesk Construction Cloud users can maximize the power of Construction IQ software to produce predictive insights and display the project analytics in a powerful but easy-to-understand dashboard with live links to the information.  

Construction IQ, with the help of machine learning, allows AEC teams to prioritize issues, and streamline and expedite decision-making, thus improving the project delivery outcomes for all stakeholders. This presentation will showcase GHD’s use of machine learning within Construction IQ to surface data on safety and quality, enabling the resolution of issues before they become critical on site. Through this session, you’ll better understand how to implement Construction IQ on your project today, gaining insights into projects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

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More Money, Less Problems: The Next Episode on How SSOE Uses Autodesk Construction Cloud Build 

Hosted by Mark LaBell, Sr. VDC Technical Leader, SSOE Group, and Lisa Lewis, Project Management Assistant, SSOE Group. This session goes into how more money can bring more problems. While that does ring true for some construction projects, SSOE has found that using Autodesk Build has resulted in fewer hours spent doing non-value-added tasks, which allows us to focus on solving the real problems.  

This technical instruction covers how SSOE Group has deployed RFI, Submittals, AutoSpec, Meeting Minutes, and Schedule modules to minimize risk on their projects and streamline fragmented activities. If you’re a project manager (PM), assistant PM, engineer, architect, designer, or business owner, you won’t want to miss this deep dive. They also cover how to use the reports module to generate automated reminders and executive and owner summaries so team members can focus on their main jobs.

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Keys to Successful Cost-Management Implementation 

In this session, Brad Buckles, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Charles Perry Partners, Inc (CPPI), and Staci (Webber) Elkhatib, Manager of Partner Consulting, Autodesk talk about how the vast majority misunderstand the implementation of any software. Software implementation is not always just a tool replacement; it can often become a complete overhaul of people, processes, and technology.  

This session takes a look at how to implement cost management tools to improve a project’s financial health. Therefore, a strategic approach, dedicated resources, and proper expectations are necessary for successful implementation. In this session, they’ll discuss the key pillars of successful implementation, including integration into an ERP system.

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From Zero to Hero: Streamlining Estimating with ProEst 

This class is hosted by Ariel Castillo, Innovation Manager, Miller-Davis Company, Richard Antczak, Implementation Consultant, Autodesk, and Stuart Williams, Estimator, Miller-Davis Company. In this session you will learn about ProEst, the estimating vertical on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. Miller-Davis embarked on a mission to simplify our estimating process and found success with ProEst cloud-based software, so you should give it a try! This session will chart a course from initial adoption to full integration, and will show you how to capitalize on Autodesk's support and implementation staff.  

Discover how the firm has harnessed ProEst to enhance accuracy and efficiency in estimating, replacing manual methods with a streamlined approach. Their story, filled with challenges and triumphs, offers valuable insights for those seeking to modernize their estimating process. Come learn how to take your estimating from zero to hero with ProEst.

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INDOT: Autodesk Construction Cloud on Major Project I-69 Finish Line 

Hosted by Andrew Pangallo, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) E-Construction and Special Projects Engineer, this session covers how INDOT is focusing on improving and enhancing its project delivery and construction processes to enable a collaborative and team-oriented contract for construction. To handle risk more effectively, INDOT is placing a greater emphasis on schedule data in the contract and throughout contracts.  

INDOT has started a three-year pilot using Autodesk Construction Cloud to manage the highest-risk contracts. Autodesk Construction Cloud will provide their construction teams with the collaborative environment to proactively handle risk to deliver our program on time and budget. This presentation examines some of the major projects within INDOT's program, including the I-69 Finish Line corridor at nearly $2 billion in total work. You’ll see examples with Autodesk Construction Cloud to demonstrate how a cross-functional team can deliver the highest-risk projects with great success.

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Making your construction schedule actionable 

This session is hosted by David Kadyshewich, Product Manager, Autodesk, Simon Tritchler, Digital Construction Specialist, BAM, Rachel Trocchi, Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk, and Emily Edelstone, Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk. Workplans are at the center of every construction project, and are key to understanding how value is going to be delivered to the customer. Yet, they tend to exist in isolation, disconnected from the rest of project information and the master schedules from which they are derived. One of the biggest causes of productivity loss is the poor communication of the tasks scheduled to complete the job right the first time. What if you could create a truly connected experience between master schedule milestones and workplans to deliver the most efficient sequence of work? What if you could make the workplan a guide that filters the work that has to be done next for project delivery for efficient project execution?  

BAM shares how its digital approach to work planning delivers value to project stakeholders. The Autodesk product team collaborating with BAM showcases the digitized, collaborative, and connected schedule experience within Autodesk Build.  

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Grab More On-Demand Sessions 

From current events in the industry to best practices, there are never-ending possibilities for what you can learn with Autodesk University. If you missed AU 2023 this year or just want a refresher, don’t miss out on these on-demand sessions. 

Alexa De La Parra Ramirez

Content & Communications Coordinator, Autodesk Construction Solutions