AU 2020: Top Construction Sessions for APAC

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On 17-20 November, Autodesk University will bring together innovators from around the world for an all new digital conference experience. With exciting keynotes and hundreds of live and on-demand learning sessions, designers, engineers, builders, and creators all have a unique opportunity to explore the future of construction comfortably at home or in the office.

This year, we have an abundance of content tailored to professionals located in Asia Pacific. Whether you’re a contractor, owner, designer, or engineer, Autodesk University has something for everyone.

This year, AU 2020 is free for all – but you must register in advance. For APAC professionals specifically, Autodesk University kicks off with regional specific content on 18 November, where you’ll learn alongside your global peers in architecture, engineering, and construction, and explore emerging technologies and trends.

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Top Keynotes for APAC Professionals

Join us on 18 November for the General Session followed by the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Keynote. Here, you’ll learn about emerging trends and advances in technology, and how leading firms are putting them to work. See the future of Autodesk Construction Cloud, featuring exciting updates and announcements. You’ll also learn more about Autodesk’s vision for industrialised construction.

Note this current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. Check our full list here. Additionally, many sessions are available in multiple languages. Be sure to sort by Language in the session list.

The Top Sessions for APAC Professionals

With over 750+ classes to choose from, the opportunities for learning are endless. To help you decide which of the hundreds of Autodesk University sessions you should attend, we’ve curated our top picks for APAC professionals to experience the future of construction.

Digital Project Management Workflow: A Case Study with 300 BIM 360 Users in One Project

Speaker: Hung Lam, BIM Leader, Kajima Vietnam Company Limited 

This class is designed for project management (PM) team in terms of managing the project during the design as well as construction phase, which is enhanced by BIM 360 software. Along with the intelligent models that are being developed widely in the construction industry today, design collaboration and coordination is one of the challenges for the PM team, especially projects with many designers in different locations. Managing several kinds of documents in the construction phase—such as RFI, submittals, inspections, reports, and so on—is also challenging the PM team without standardisation and response-in-time procedure. However, all those challenges can be minimised. With BIM 360 and project case studies, this class will provide the method to set up BIM 360 as a common data environment for design collaboration and coordination using a couple of BIM 360 features and a customised workflow. Moreover, a digital procedure in this class with BIM 360 Build software will help a PM team in the standardising and digitising of site workflow on RFIs, transmittals management, site inspection, safety, QA and QC, reports and more.

Digitising New Zealand’s Innovation Agency - A Client’s Journey into BIM 360

Speakers: Jason Howden, Associate Principal, Warren & Mahoney; Hugh Evans, Design Lead, Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand’s innovation agency, activating innovation and helping businesses grow faster for a better NZ. Its Innovation Quarter in Gracefield (GIQ), Wellington, is set on 10-hectares that is home to over 200 leading scientists, engineers and researchers. The GIQ estate is currently undergoing significant investment, as part of a $110m redevelopment programme to deliver a vibrant, supportive and connected innovation community. A client design team has been established to rethink the design and construction process, capitalising on the increased levels of BIM adoption and to lead on the implementation of a new era of digitised construction for NZ. Callaghan Innovation, together with lead appointed party (Architect and specialist BIM consultant Warren and Mahoney) will present lessons learned from the adoption of ISO19650 and the creation of a digital twin for application across the construction and asset lifecycle, utilising the Autodesk BIM360 ecosystem.

Connecting the Dots Between Office and Field Using BIM 360 Docs

Speaker: Deepak Maini, National Technical Manager - Named Accounts, Cadgroup Australia

The construction industry worldwide loses hundreds of millions of dollars because of the rework caused by the lack of the latest information and construction documents available at the right time to the field executives. However, this changed with BIM 360 Docs software, which enables the flow of the latest accurate information from the office to the field executives without any delay. With BIM 360 Docs, the field executives can even view the documents offline. This class explains in detail how this process is performed and maintained throughout the construction process. We will be showcasing a project in Australia where BIM 360 Docs is helping users provide the latest construction documents to the field executives.

BIM 360 and Data Analysis

Speaker: Carol Poon, Technical Manager, Autodesk

BIM 360 Insight software offers a new way to review project performance. Those activities and interactions happen within the BIM 360 account and would be recorded, calculated, and summarised accurately and shown in the BIM 360 Insight module. To extend the benefits of data management in the same cloud base, we can import and link an external data source to BIM 360 software. Microsoft Power BI is the important media to connect the extra statistics and link with BIM 360. We will introduce more possible data analysis tools such as Google Colab and Python.

What Is Autodesk Construction Cloud

Speaker: John Sanner, Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Also available in Chinese and Japanese. Search by Language filters on our sessions page.

Introduced at Autodesk University 2019, Autodesk Construction Cloud brings together the most powerful portfolio of construction management software products in the industry, supporting workflows spanning all phases of construction—from design, to planning, to building, to operations. There is tremendous breadth of supported workflows, depth of capabilities in each of the software products, and connectivity of data between those products. Over the past year, Autodesk has focused on three main areas of advancement with Construction Cloud: continuing investment into improving Assemble, BuildingConnected, PlanGrid, and BIM 360 software; delivering more integrations and connectivity between the products; and building a unified platform. This class will show how Autodesk Construction Cloud has advanced over the course of the last 12 months, and we’ll explore the workflows from design through operations that can be supported by the products.

How Builders Win More Jobs: Gain a Competitive Advantage with Crowdsourcing

Speaker: Skylar Ritwo, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

Construction is a relationship-based industry where deals are still closed with handshakes. But in this new competitive world, with limited labor and a growing demand for construction, owners and contractors need a faster way to make connections with the right talent for the right project. Static contact databases and outdated bid-management tools perpetuate disjointed business results, leaving contractors constantly defending their costs and schedules and aggregating potential risk before breaking ground. In this session, you’ll learn how BuildingConnected (now available in Australia and New Zealand!) helps builders discover, invite, and choose the right talent for any type of project while managing their bidding processes from start to finish. You’ll also learn how emerging markets are benefiting from this crowdsourced technology to remain competitive with their client

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