50 New Product Updates for Autodesk Construction Cloud

50 New Product Updates for Autodesk Construction Cloud

Here’s What’s New Across Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, BIM 360, BuildingConnected, and Pype  

In the last few months, we’ve had plenty of exciting announcements for the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, including the official release of Autodesk Build, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk BIM Collaborate.  

Our product teams are not slowing down any time soon -- and have released dozens of new updates and enhancements for Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, BIM 360, BuildingConnected, and Pype. Dive into the top product updates Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users should know about below.  

Autodesk Build  


To get a more detailed view of all recent Autodesk Build releases, read our blog. 

*features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360
**features in both Autodesk Build & PlanGrid
***Autodesk Docs feature (available across all unified products, Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and Autodesk Takeoff)  

ACC Connect in Autodesk Build  

Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users can now start to leverage the integration capabilities of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Connect by linking to Autodesk Docs project files, Autodesk Build RFIs and Autodesk Cost.   

Cost Management | Executive Cost Dashboard*  

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users with executive level permissions will see a new tab in the Executive level Insight module. This new tab will show a new roll-up summary of cost information across projects, helping executives better visualize financial health and budget statuses.   

Cost Management | Cost Custom Approval Workflows* 

Teams can now create custom approval workflows for Owner Change Orders and Supplier Change Orders. This feature enables automated routing for internal review and approval and allows for consistency and transparency of company-defined processes across projects. 

Releases to Improve Collaboration & Accountability 

Keeping teams accountable and collaborative are vital to keeping any project on track. Autodesk Build unites the best of field solution, PlanGrid, and project management software, BIM 360, to enhance field collaboration and accountability across the project team. This month, we have added several new features to provide Autodesk Construction Cloud users with more visibility and help teams work together more effectively.   

Releases include: 

  • Field Management | Download Progress Bar 
  • Forms | Change Collaboration Mode**- coming soon 
  • Meetings | Calendar Integration - coming soon 
  • Meetings | Photos and PCOs in Meetings - coming soon 
  • RFIs | Mobile Workflow Bar - coming soon 
  • Submittals | References​ - coming soon 

Releases to Save Time & Increase Efficiency 

To avoid miscommunication and inefficiencies that can lead to costly rework and schedule delays, teams need the right tools to connect project stakeholders and data. Autodesk Build is a powerful but intuitive solution that makes it easy for team members to capture and integrate data across the jobsite and share with other stakeholders in real-time. New updates empower Autodesk Construction Cloud users to improve efficiency when searching for and sharing relevant information and insights with their project teams.  

Releases include: 

  • Dashboards | Additional Partner Cards* 
  • Docs | In-Viewer Text Search*** 
  • Docs | Custom Attributes Enhancements*** 
  • Meetings | Flag Meeting Items - coming soon 
  • RFIs | Markups Backlinks - coming soon 
  • Sheets | Publish Revit Model from Files into Sheets​ 

Releases to Enhance Customization & Standardization 

When it comes to their software, construction teams need flexibility to customize unique project workflows and standardize tedious tasks. Autodesk Build provides a high level of flexibility for project teams, allowing them to customize reports and templates as well as standardize repetitive workflows and processes. This month, Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users have new functionality for customization and standardization for reports, submittals, project data, and more.  

Releases include: 

  • Admin | Add Members to Project Templates ​ 
  • Cost Management | "If" Statement* 
  • Reports | Custom Report Templates​ 

Releases to Improve Data Visibility & Decision Making 

Data is only as powerful as it is actionable. With Autodesk Build, teams have the power to convert real-time data into actionable insights, so they can make highly informed decisions that lead to construction success. New updates in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform enable teams to automate, extra, and control how they view and share their data.  

Releases include:  

  • Data Connector | Power BI Connector (early access)* 
  • Data Connector | Assets, Meeting Minutes, References* 
  • Insights | Role Based Access to Shared Dashboards 
  • Forms | Visibility of Referenced Photos 
  • RFIs | RFI Detail Reports - coming soon 
  • RFIs | Full Page RFI on Desktop​ - coming soon 
  • Submittals | Embed PDF Attachment in Reports​ (beta) - coming soon 

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 


*features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate & BIM 360 

Design Collaboration | DWG Support - coming soon

DWG files can now be viewed and managed in Design Collaboration* with Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro. This means that teams who rely on DWGs for day-to-day design and detailing, like civil engineering and multi-discipline firms, can now be included in Design Collaboration’s holistic project-based collaboration workflows, benefiting from better control over how designs are exchanged, cross-referenced, and co-created. Supports projects in both Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 platforms.

BIM 360 

 To get a more detailed view of all recent BIM 360 releases, read our blog. 

*features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360 

Releases to Improve Reporting & Data Extraction 

Producing reports and extracting actionable data has always been a critical, but often tedious, part of any construction project. With BIM 360, users can better harness their data with customizable dashboards and reports and automations with their business intelligence tools. The latest product updates to BIM 360 enables more visibility into project data and allows teams to improve decision making.   

Release include: 

  •     Cost Management | Executive Cost Dashboard* 
  •     Data Connector | Assets, Meeting Minutes, and Relationship Data * 
  •     Data Connector | Power BI Connector* (early access)
  •     Reports | Labor & Workforce Report  
  •     Reports | Enhancements to Checklist Report  
  •     Reports | Enhancements to Issue Summary Report  
  •     Reports | Templates for Project Setup 

Releases to Save Time with Search Enhancements 

Construction projects collect a massive amount of data and information -- even a small project can have thousands of files. To help teams find the right information at the right time, BIM 360 users are equipped with advanced search features. New enhancements to Docs provide even more user-friendly options for teams to find what they need, faster. 

Releases include: 

  •     Docs | Custom Attribute Updates  
  •     Docs | Custom Attributes Filtering  
  •     Docs | Include/Exclude Sub Folders from Search  
  •     Docs | Recent Searches  
  •     Docs | Relevant Highlights 

Releases to Improve Customizations 

No one project is ever the same -- and it’s why teams need to be able to customize processes specific to their project while also standardizing repetitive workflows and tasks. The latest product updates in BIM provide even more customization options for Cost Management and Daily Logs. 

Releases include: 

  •     Cost Management | Custom Approval Workflows*  
  •     Cost Management | Custom Budget Columns "If" Statement* 
  •     Daily Logs | "Creator" Permission Type  

Releases to Enhance Workflows Between Office & Field 

Keeping office and field teams connected is essential for a successful construction project. Still, getting the latest information from the office to the field, and vice versa, has always been a challenge for the construction industry. BIM 360 bridges the gap between office and field teams, and new enhancements to Assets and Checklists enable additional ways to connect key project workflows. 

  •     Assets | Public API 
  •     Checklists | Link Documents on Mobile 


BuildingConnected Pro  

Publish Project to Autodesk Build 

With the new BuildingConnected and Autodesk Build integration, users can move over project and bid package files from BuildingConnected to an existing or new project in Autodesk Build.   

Bid Board Pro  

New Filters 

Quickly find opportunities on Bid Board Pro using the new filter options: client, assignee, and tag.   

Activity Log for Opportunity Status Changes 

Opportunity status changes (e.g., declined, accepted, archived) or proposals submitted are tracked with timestamps in the activity log. This helps maintain a record of all opportunity status changes and keeps teams accountable.   


Added Risk and Financial Data to the BuildingConnected API 

Access and export all of the data calculated and housed inside of TradeTapp—providing a more comprehensive opportunity to analyze risk data alongside other data gathered from in-house systems or other tools.  

TradeTapp Questionnaire Types in BuildingConnected 

When bid management teams invite a subcontractor to qualify from within BuildingConnected, they can now also select which type of TradeTapp questionnaire to send with their invitation. This feature will be available early April. 



Pype Closeout + BIM 360 Integration  

This API integration between Pype Closeout and BIM 360 will provide a two-way sync of project data between both platforms, leading to a more streamlined workflow and a protected single source of truth. Read more about the integration on the Pype blog

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Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions